Jul 27, 2014

Thegreenj_Hen chicken Wikimedia CommonsCalling all chicken enthusiasts! There’s going to be a “Cluster-Cluck” next Saturday. The next installment in our Food for Thought series, this session is organized by member-owner Cynthia Frederick but will serve as a meet-up social for all fanciers of feathered friends. Come share your chicken and egg-related tips, experiences, and recipes! (Courtesy of Ginko Ching Lee)

We’re too drowsy and grumpy early in the morning to handle a decibel level above 15 dB (a whisper), let alone consider acquiring chickens, however we’ve read that Light Brahmas and Black Australorps, and EE—Easter Egger—chickens aren’t excessive yappers.

We’ve read, also, to beware of Cochin/Silver Laced Wyandotte and Sebright because they are very noisy. (These breed names are brilliant.)

The idea of fresh eggs, though, is tempting…What about you?


Silver Laced Wyandotte hen; photo courtesy of

Silver Laced Wyandotte hen; photo courtesy of


The Arroyo Food Co-op presents “Food for Thought” on August 2nd…

Join us to talk all things chicken. Want to get started? Come ask your questions? Do you all ready have a flock on your own? Come share your chicken tales with people who understand and embrace your craziness. Do you have a favorite egg dish that travels well? Bring us a sample and the recipes. In other words, come flock together with birds of a feather at the coop Co-op! 

The meeting begin with a short presentation by Cynthia Fredrick, who has be instrumental in passing the Chicken Ordinance last year, which open the way to legal backyard chicken raising in Pasadena. She will be talking about her experience in changing the city ordinance (what an empowering process!!) and the joy of chicken keeping. (Arroyo Food Co-op)

Cynthia Fredrick

Cynthia Fredrick


Fredrick’s presentation will be followed by mingling with fresh Jones Coffee available (bring your own mug for no waste!) and the Arroyo Food Co-op will be offering a special discount for their two premium quality chicken feed.

Arroyo Food Co-op
Saturday, August 2nd, 11 a.m.-noon
494 N. Wilson St., Pasadena 91106


Another point of interest for local garden enthusiasts—the Arroyo Food Co-op Free-Food Garden on Facebook.


Js chickens 5-2-12

Photo, top right: “Hen Chicken” by Thegreenj at Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Photo, above: J’s chickens (source unknown)




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