Bill Wishner: Post No Bills

Apr 25, 2017

Bill Wishner is a Pasadena local, a photographer with 20 years experience and has a reputation for his jazz photography, is founder of the f8 Pasadena Salon, and co-directs Pasadena Photography Arts. Wishner’s published two books of prose poems, serves on the board of Five Acres.

And, since 2012, he’s been working on an ongoing series “The Art of the Wall,” “depicting the art and visual aesthetics of city walls from various countries around the globe.”

Wishner told Pasadena Weekly’s Carl Kozlowski that “all the things I take pictures of are ethereal, they all disappear for one reason or other. They’re whitewashed off the wall because of gentrification or the city comes along and removes them because of the nuisance. My job is to catch all I can before it disappears.”

On April 29, an opening reception for Wishner’s solo exhibit “Post No Bills” will be held at AC Gallery. Enjoy some wine and the cuisine of international countries such as France, Germany, Chile, and Argentina.


Bill Wishner.


Regarding Wishner’s “I Don’t Explain” collection, Beth Newcomb writes:

Each photo captures something striking yet fragile, juxtaposed with the human habitats that will ensure its eventual loss.

“This is my view of contemporary wall art that is created largely unintentionally by many people in the urban environment,” (Wishner) says. “What’s painted on a wall today will be taken off the wall at some point in time; it’s not permanent. The art on the walls that I photograph will absolutely disappear; it’s guaranteed a short life. Walls I photographed in L.A., for instance, are gone. They’re whitewashed, or things have been layered on.

“I recognize that this will be a hard sell,” he admits. “Will this stand up? I don’t know, no one knows. But that’s the point—no one creates things that have been created already; you want to go after things that have never been seen. I wanted to give people a chance to look at these urban walls and focus on things that are artful and not be concerned with whether it’s necessarily vandalism or crimes or if they’ll disappear. It is today what it is.”
—”Striking Art, Presented with No Explanation” by Beth Newcomb, USC News, April 23, 2015


Bill Wishner, LA End the War.


Kathy Leonardo, a Huffington Post contributor, writes, “Bill Wishner is a visual hunter.”

Wishner captures the social outcry of street artists frozen in time. In that moment (with the click of his shutter), that cultural organic installation will never again be the same. What another artist or disruptor (all in the eye of the beholder) will add or take away, will alter its state forever. He insists not knowing the origin of its beginnings and its evolution through time holds the attraction for him. “I find and shoot unique walls that are a combination of wall, something artful on the wall – some graffiti or writing – anything that hangs from the wall or is in front of the wall – in layers or in juxtaposition to one another. It’s complex composition.”
—”Bill Wishner: Visual Hunter” by Kathy Leonardo, Huffington Post, April 16, 2017


Post No Bills
Opening reception: Saturday, April 29th, 7-10 p.m.
Exhibit runs through May 13
AC Gallery, 1546 N. Highland Ave., LA 90028
Free event
For more info, visit AC Gallery



Bill Wishner, Prague Spirit 863.






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