Artisans’ Union: Family

Jul 23, 2014

facebook-tempWe have all gotten that ambiguous invite to a friend’s show and arrive having no idea what we’re walking into. For The Artisans Union, that’s a good thing. AU, is different than your typical theater experience. The group, a team of established writers, actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, poets, improvisors and more revive the spirit of a true variety show. Each show is packed with five to six unique performances and featured guests.(Official text)

Here is a roster of some of the past performances:

To The Curb -Written by Jerre Dye. Directed by Jed Reynolds. Even rash action has its reasons. A comedy about a mother’s harsh, loving message to her son.

Bust a Move – Directed by Michael Le Blanc. Heartbreak is so hard to heal, but therapy can help. A comedy about neurosis and love.

Mister Town City -The house improvisational team at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Michaelann Cervantez – Hilarious comic and actor. Emcee of the show.

Daniel Cummings Musician – actor and member of you tube group New Feelings Time.

Soda Pop – Artist and band member of L.A. Bus Fair.

Artisan’s Union: Family
Sunday, July 27th, 7:30 p.m.
Fremont Centre Theatre, 1000 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena 91030
Cost: $15, purchase here or call 866.811.4111

Michaelann Cervantes

Michaelann Cervantes




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