What the Wind Wrought at Gerlach’s

Dec 31, 2011

We love Gerlach’s for so many reasons—the warmth of owners Lewy and Fred Fedail, the fabulous bargain wines, the really good stuff in the climate-controlled room (ask the brothers; they know their wines), the collection of ports and sherries, the small-town feel of the place—and now, thanks to Pasadena’s December 1st almost-hurricane, we have something new to love. Or, more precisely, something old.

The storm took down the huge lighted sign that’s been stuck to the old red-tile-roofed building for decades, revealing the old painted brick behind it. Now it looks like the kind of place that Sam Spade would have stopped in for some hooch. The southwest Pasadena landscape just got a little more handsome, not to mention historically accurate, and we’re happy to report that Lewy and Fred have decided to keep it as is and not put back the old plastic-and-fluorescent monstrosity.

Are you listening, location scouts?

(Also, are there any longtime Pasadenans out there who have a photo of Gerlach’s from back in the day? If so, please let us know.)

Gerlach’s, 1075 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, 626.799.1166 




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