Tequila Time!

Sep 10, 2012

This Thursday, El Portal will be hosting a tequila tasting. Now, that’s a way to start the weekend.

Twenty-five brands of premium tequila will be offered, as well as a buffet of appetizers, a mariachi band, and prizes for those striking it lucky.

Tickets prior to the event cost $25, while purchasing one at the door on Thursday will cost $30. The event starts a half an hour after you clock out of your 9-to-5, and runs until 8:30—early enough to get home and soak up the liquor after-affects with a solid meal so Friday on the job won’t be too much of  a strain. Of course, after taste-testing 25 tequilas, you may be headed back to El Portal Friday night to partake a bit more of your new-found favorite.

El Portal has been owned by Abel Ramirez, his wife Rosalia, and managed by his son Armando for 17 years. Located in the Playhouse District on Arcade Lane, the building housing their restaurant currently also includes Yahaira’s and Vanessa’s Cafès, additions to this family’s mission of offering tasty Yucatan cuisine, a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, and musical entertainment.

Ramirez says that community involvement is also one of his family’s priorities. This includes their “Family Fiesta Night.” Management will design flyers for a particular night and these can then be distributed to students and their parents. El Portal will donate 15% of the night’s proceeds to a charity of that particular school or Booster Club’s choice.

El Portal: Annual Tequila Tasting
695 E. Green St., at Oak Knoll
Thursday, Sept. 13th, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
For more info, call 626.795.8553 or visit



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