The Real Juice Cleanse

Apr 22, 2013

TheRealJuice_PhotoKatWardIt’s springtime in Southern California and you can see folks clearing out garages, clearing brush, and we thought it might be a good idea to clean out the ol’ bod.

Here’s where Shila Moran of The Real Juice comes in.

She grew up with a mother who embraced raw fruits and vegetables and “eating cleanly.” Shila says when she grew up and had moved out of her childhood home, she found it hard to find the time and produce to keep up the habit. As a result, she felt her body “suffered.” She fell in love with juice cleanses because of “their ability to get me back on track with a healthier diet.” Not finding what she wanted with existing juice cleanse companies, she wrote down a wish list—including the Norwalk juicer, “which is proven in lab tests to yield 3-5 times more vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes than any other extraction method”—and The Real Juice was born.

Shila adds, “I love what I do and I hope it shows.”

She offered us a day’s worth of her juice cleanses so that we could write a review. We were delivered a small insulated pack with six bottles (16.9 ounces each) of various cleanses to take throughout the day, numbered one through six. The colors ranged from lovely raspberry, carrot orange, dark green (eyed with skepticism), and a nutty-cream white.

Already missing our morning coffee with a dose of half-and-half, we plunged into the juice cleanse waters (7:32 a.m.).


No. 1: Fantasize: carrot, apple, pineapple, orange

We could’ve sworn that this had some sort of leafy green in it. The sweet apple, pineapple, orange taste is upfront, followed by a hit of something earthy. Maybe they keep the skins on the carrots; gotta be the carrot. Pretty easy to get down, though we were fantasizing about that missing cup of coffee and slices of toasted sourdough with sweet butter. Sigh. This could be a long day.


No. 2: Energize: kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon

The color is a deep green. Poured into the glass and sniffed, it smells like cucumber and we thought, this could work. We notice we still prepare; body stiffened, resisting. Nothing prepared us for the first taste—kale and lemon, making our mouth pucker and go “Oh!”, body leaning back as though trying to distance itself from the glass in hand.The second swallow goes down easier, as does the third, etc. That must be the acquired-taste element and we’re proud that we’re “acquiring” quickly, especially since there’s another 16.9 ounce bottle to get down later in the day.

No. 3: Replenish: carrot, beet, apple, orange, parsley

A beautiful raspberry-red color. Wishing it tasted more like raspberries, as we’re not big beet fans, but again, it’s palatable. The earthy, dirt taste of the beets (our prejudicial, subjective opinion) is eased once again by the apple and orange. We’re sure we’d be feeling healthier if we weren’t so hungry and getting a bit of a headache. Guess we should’ve weened ourselves off of coffee like the brochure suggested. Cold turkey, even after half a day, is a bear. Okay, maybe a baby panda bear or a koala bear, not a big mean black bear or grizzly…but it’s still early.

No. 4: Energize again. Okay, it went down easier this time, though we’re definitely not used to drinking this much in one day. Have already consumed 67.6 ounces or 8¾ cups by 6 p.m. Can’t wait for dinner (No. 5) and then dessert!


No. 5: Anti-age: carrot, apple, grapefruit, red pepper, lemon

This tastes rather like no. 1, but with a bit of a bite from the red pepper and lemon. Very doable and we’ll even describe it as delicious. (We’re probably in a happier mood because the evening has descended and dessert is next.)

No. 6: Indulge: filtered water, cashew, date, pure vanilla extract, Mediterranean sea salt

Aah, dessert. Marvelous, as this indicates that our day of liquids is over and the sooner we go to sleep, the sooner we can get up, have a divine cup of coffee, and choose a breakfast, lunch, and dinner that we can chew.

Indulge was easy for us to drink. The vanilla flavor is noticeable, the date contributes sweetness with depth, and the cashew flavor hints but doesn’t overpower with its richness. The texture is a bit less smooth, a bit grainy like horchata, but it was delicious and was gone in a blink (11:48 p.m.).

As much as the above review whines and squirms, we were glad to partake in Shila’s juice cleanse. In the days following, we did actually find ourselves eating less, eating better, and feeling healthier. Even the scale was happier.

Good gossip: The Real Juice 3-day juice cleanses were part of the swag offered to the who’s who at the Golden Globes this year (it’s not the best pic of handsome Jesse Williams, but can Joshua be any cuter?).

Jesse Williams of Grey's Anatomy

Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy

The Real Juice (Shila Moran, owner)
For more detailed info, visit
Email or call 323.212.5211
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Now through May 27th, The Real Juice is offering $20 off per day on all cleanses or $5 off their 59 ounce jugs.

Joshua Malina of The West Wing and Scandal

Joshua Malina of The West Wing and Scandal










Photo courtesy of The Real Juice

Photo courtesy of The Real Juice




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