Old Town Cooking School

May 25, 2011

Pasadena can now boast a cooking school for the rest of us, one that doesn’t require a second mortgage to finance.

Owner Deb Swartz has been cooking and studying food for nearly thirty years, having started at the ripe old age of eight. Five years ago, giving in to the clamoring for classes, she launched Old Town Cooking School to teach – and also learn from – other home cooks and foodies. She holds her popular classes in the quaint Casita del Arroyo. (At last! An excellent use for this historic building overlooking the Lower Arroyo and Colorado Street bridge.)

Happy classmates and the always entertaining Deb Swartz.

Old Town Cooking School offers home cooks a chance to hone their skills and broaden their horizons through single classes. The class schedule is robust, with a variety of demonstration classes, hands-on skills classes, baking classes, private wine and cheese classes and a five hour “Not Just for Brides Boot Camp” that is also excellent for teens, or anyone who never learned the basics due to the dearth of Home Ec classes. My teens came home ready to blanch and sauté and brought samples of what they had prepared, from a roasted game hen to a meat ragu to a mighty fine vinaigrette.

Of particular note are the twice-monthly “Flight and a Fork” dinners that pair wine and food from different countries or regions – upcoming June ‘tours’ include Hawaii and the Pacific as well as a New England dinner.

Corporations, organizations and even just a group of special friends or family can take part in private classes or team building events; classes can be customized to specific desires. A night in Paris? Making the perfect pasta? Pies galore? Can do. Now get cooking.

Old Town Cooking School

Class Location:
Casita Del Arroyo Clubhouse
177 S. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena




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