Gabriella in the Dog Haus

Mar 20, 2013

TheGabster_GabriellaPontrelli“Although I love Dog Haus,” wrote 11-year-old Gabriella Pontrelli, “I feel the menu is not complete. I think there should be one more cheeseburger…named after me!”

As thus it was born: The Gabster

Perhaps it should be named “The Holy Gabster” as it was a writing assignment in Gabriella’s language arts class at Holy Family School in South Pasadena that has led her to this glory.

“Dog Haus is honored that Gabriella chose to write a letter to our business and not only offer praise, but recommendations on how to improve our menu,” said Dog Haus partner Hagop Giragossian. “In addition to teaching the fundamentals of letter writing, it is great to teach children that their opinions matter and that they have a voice that can affect change.”

The Gabster is a quarter pound of Angus beef hamburger topped with cheddar cheese, avocado, bacon, ranch dressing, fried onions, and served on a Kings Hawaiian roll.

Officially, it will be introduced to the public on Thursday, March 21st, which just so happens to be National Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. The Gabster will be featured on the Dog Haus menu for one week at all Dog Haus locations in Pasadena, Old Pasadena, and Alhambra.

Dog Haus Locations:
Old Pasadena, 93 E. Green Street 91105
Alhambra, 410 E. Main Street 91801
Pasadena, 105 N. Hill Avenue 91106

Photo by Christopher Grisanti

Photo by Christopher Grisanti

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