Frozen Beah Heah!

Aug 18, 2013

beer0606_500_358_100Want to celebrate that “breathtaking” throw by Yasiel Puig from the far right foul line all the way to 3rd base taking out Turner of the N.Y. Mets as he tried to slide in head first? Or, how about another home run by Andre Ethier, or a walk off winning hit by Adrian Gonzalez? Will we ever celebrate the return of Matt Kemp?

Whether buying a pint for celebration or for drowning sorrows, here’s a new way to keep it cold during the dog days of summer—frozen foam it.

Yes, indeed, in order to keep your malt cold for the duration, or at least a few innings, Kirin Beer has patented a stirring and freezing machine. This technology is call “frozen agitation” and is “a process where air is blown into the beer as it is continuously stirred and chilled, the frozen foam provides a smooth but unique texture, and acts as a lid to maintain the temperature at which it was poured.”

This frozen topping—made solely of frozen beer, no water or ice added—keeps the beer cold for up to 30 minutes, way past the average time of 22 minutes that people (primarily women and the newly legal) take to drink a pint. The machine looks a bit cheap and clunky, which we find surprising, but when Elysian Park heats up this weekend with temperatures climbing into the mid-80’s for the Dodgers versus the Phillies series, and Pasadena temps rise ten degrees hotter than that, keeping the beer cold takes priority, style taking a back seat to function.


Kirin introduced “frozen” beer last year in Japan and has now set up their machines in Europe and America. You can already partake of this refresher at Dodgers Stadium and now it’s available at Katsuya in the Americana in Glendale and everyday at Pasadena’s own Sushi Roku.

Watch soft serve beer foam in action:



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