Fresh & Easy

Jul 22, 2009

MarketNewly occupying the space previously devoted to organic darling Wild Oats (may it rest in peace), Fresh & Easy has a very different vibe from its predecessor. Everything is bright and blocky, with giant “99 Cents!” signs everywhere. $1.99 will buy you almost anything, from a bottle of wine to some peaches to a bag of cat treats. In theory, this is a one-stop market with groceries, produce (often organic) and lots of prepared foods, but I’m afraid I didn’t get the best feel from the place. I was almost hit with boxes not just once, but twice, and although some of the staff was genuinely helpful, others seemed helpless. I know it’s only been open for a week, so hopefully they will clean up their act and figure out what market they are aiming for. Another pet peeve: The parking lot behind Peet’s and Noah’s is now two bucks an hour if you don’t remember validation, and the lot is a madhouse. So maybe in a month, when Fresh & Easy has found its footing, I’ll stop by again. Until then, the only reason I’ll park in that lot is for coffee at Peet’s, where kindly baristas remind you to validate.

Fresh & Easy
Corner of California and Lake
603 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, 626.396.9552

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  1. Wasn’t WO bot up by Whole Foods, and F&E is supposed 2 compete mostly with Trader Joe’s?



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