Communal DIY Bread Bake

Mar 2, 2014

large(Text thanks to Joseph Shuldiner, Director of Institute of Domestic Technology)

Join the Altadena Farmers’ Market, Los Angeles Bread Bakers, and the Institute of Domestic Technology as they continue to invigorate the Southern California handmade bread movement.

Through the grassroots efforts of a new crop of home bakers and a handful of new entrepreneurs, bread baking is beginning to flourish in Southern California. It’s not uncommon to eavesdrop on young urbanites discussing the care and feeding of their “Mother” (wild-yeast-sourdough-starter) or the latest Tartine Bread Book recipe.

Important players in the field are:

The Los Angeles Bread Bakers: a open collective of amateurs, professionals, novices and bread-curious folks interested in reviving the art of handmade bread, oven-building and the exploration of heritage hand-milled grains.

Grist & Toll: an urban flour mill. The first stone-ground flour mill to open in Los Angeles in over 80 years. Flour miller Nan Kohler has contracted with a who’s who of Southern California small farmers to grow heritage grains to her specifications. Kohler, in turn, mills the grains into flour fresher than anything available commercially.

Institute of Domestic Technology: A modern Home Ec university offering classes in popular foodcrafting techniques. Jam-making, pickling, home coffee roasting, cheese-making and bread-making are just some of the well-known, hands-on coursed offered. The Institute’s popular 2-day Bread Camp workshop introduces the art of wild-yeast starters and incorporating whole grains into modern recipes.

Another aspect of this new bread-baking movement is the resurrection of the “community bread oven” where, in the past, a village would gather to communally bake its loaves in one large oven. Michael O’Malley, a sculpture professor at Pomona College, has created M.O.M.O. (Michael O’Malley’s Mobile Oven) as a social-practice art project. He will bring M.O.M.O. to the Altadena Farmers’ Market on March 5th and encourage shoppers to bring their own unbaked loaf to be baked in the wood fired oven.

Communal DIY Bread Bake at the Altadena Farmers’ Market.
Wednesday, March 5th, 4-6pm: Free Community DIY Bread Bake 
Altadena Farmers’ Market: 600 W. Palm St, Altadena, 91101 (Adjacent to the Altadena Community Garden)
For more info, contact Joseph Shuldiner at 213.300.6609
Or email,

All images courtesy of IDT

All images courtesy of IDT




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