Turkey Up!

Nov 4, 2009
Talking turkey with Sonny at Harmony Farms

Talking turkey with Sonny at Harmony Farms

Run by a goofy bunch of guys in butcher’s whites, Harmony Farms specializes in wild game and organic, hormone-free, free-range lamb, turkey, beef and chicken. And this time of year, it’s the turkey that brings people up to the little Foothill storefront. You can pay $150 for a free-range, hormone-free turkey online, or you can order one here for less than half that price, and not only will it be naturally raised, but it will be from California, too. This year the price is $2.19 a pound, more than reasonable for a quality bird.

But you’ve gotta order early, preferably by November 15. Manager Sonny said the turkey supply is tight, and they’re not keeping many in stock, so you need to special order. If you can’t get to the store, they’ll deliver.

If turkey’s not your thing, consider the superb lamb chops, the new Kobe-style Wagyu beef from Australia’s Darling Downs, and such wild game as quail, alligator and venison. And we highly recommend the frozen buffalo burgers and turkey meatballs.

2824 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta, 818.248.3068, Daily. AE, MC, V.

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  1. jennie cook says:

    I stopped by on Sunday for some pastured turkey and pork. There was a guy there who was picking up his dressed wild boar (minimum charge for packaging an entire animal that the hunter provides $100 – what a deal ). Because I was so curious, he gave me a pack of loin steaks and sausage – and Sonny threw in a pound of his Australian grass-fed beef as a sample (I wouldn’t buy it because I can get local). I got 3 pounds of meat free! That has never happened – this is my new favorite place. Thanks Sonny!



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