Virtual mannequin man makes a move to Highland Park

Oct 26, 2013

Two years ago animation artist and director David Lewandowski, who created the opening title segment for TRON:Legacy, created a short, 49-second  film titled “Going To The Store,” which featured a naked, faceless mannequin who hopped around the Ocean Park section of Santa Monica.  The animated feature was fun, silly and a hit on YouTube, where  “Going To The Store” has chalked up more than 15 million views.  This week,  Lewandowski released a second animated short starring the same mannequin man. But, like so many Westsiders, the mannequin man has ventured into the Eastside.

“Late For Meeting”  opens at Highland Park’s Superior Market (will this help or hurt it landmark nomination?), where the mannequin man strolls through the store aisles before he begins to stroll, prance and dance about the neighborhood, with side strips to Division Street in Cypress Park and then a zip down Figueroa Street atop an upside down BMW.  Lewandowski provides a few details about his newest production:

 “late for meeting” is a companion piece to the 2011 short film entitled “going to the store,” which featured a silly, disjointed journey through Sunset park in the traditions of dadaism and surreal humor in film. The unnamed man has somehow reached East Los Angeles, now travelling through the areas of Highland Park, Glendale, Cypress Park and Eagle Rock, California.

The 1 minute and 42 second romp is about as silly as it’s predecessor but it looks like Lewandowski and the mannequin man have another hit on their hands.  “Late For Meeting”   has already been watched more than 1 million times on YouTube since being published on Friday.

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