The grass is always greener – except at Echo Park Lake

Aug 7, 2013

Yellowed lawn taped off as worker adjusts irrigation system.

The lawns were emerald green shortly before the park reopened in late June.

Only a few weeks after Echo Park Lake reopened to the public after a costly clean up, Mike Dorey was surprised to find the lawns surrounding the lake had begun to yellow and turn brown. “All the new sod that was so beautiful when Echo Park opened is now dead or dying,” Dorey said in a message to The Eastsider.

Many other park visitors have also remarked on the yellowing grass as well as muddy spots and sprinklers that douse visitors in the middle of the day. Recently, a large section of yellowed grass on the north end of the lake was taped off.  What’s going on?

Those dry and wet spots are primarily the result of problems with the park’s new irrigation system, said Cora Jackson-Fossett, Director of Public Affairs for the Department of Public Works.  “We are taking steps to correct the problem.”

Those steps include modifying the irrigation system, applying fertilizer throughout the park and aerating the compacted soil by punching small holes into the ground, she said. If that does not work, the grass might have to be re-seeded or new sod installed, she said.

The park is still under warranty, so to speak, which means the contractor in charge of its clean up will also be responsible for getting the irrigation system and lawns back into shape.

“Within in the next couple of weeks, we are going to analyze the conditions of the grass and what other corrective measures might be needed,” said Jackson-Fossett. “We definitely need to get it in shape so that people can enjoy it.”

Compacted soil is be aerated as part of repairs to the park’s lawns.

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