Storefront Report: 199-seat restaurant seeks to satisfy Eagle Rock’s chicken wing cravings

Feb 25, 2014

By Brenda Rees

A presentation on several new Eagle Rock restaurants included news on what may end up being one of Eagle Rock’s largest eateries, a 199-seat restaurant called Rockin’ Wings.  At the recent meeting of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee,  Rockin’ Wings Owner Jeffery Miller outlined his dream of a family “comfort food” styled dining restaurant that would be a cross between Islands and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Rockin’ Wings, which will replace a former Filipino restaurant on Eagle Rock Boulevard near York Boulevard,  will have three specific areas: a main dining room, a small bar and a banquet hall. Miller plans to serve a full line of alcohol on site along with a variety of chicken wings, salads and side dishes.

Miller says he walked around the neighborhood introducing himself and the new venture to neighbors, as well as representatives from nearby Occidental College and the local LAPD. One neighbor came to the Land Use meeting and raised concerns about possible trash, people parking cars that block neighbor’s driveways and loud noise.

Miller contended that at one time he considered live music but now would prefer just to install a karaoke machine (“There’s just no physical space for a stage,” he said.)
Miller and his land use team discussed specific revisions with board members before Rockin’ Wings is brought to the full neighborhood council meeting next month. Some of those revisions include:

  • Operating hours for the restaurant would be 11am-11pm Monday through Thursdays and 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturdays.
  • Hiring a security guard for Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. to closing
  • Making sure that any ambient noise is contained inside

Here’s a quick round up of some previously announced culinary attractions:

Eagle Rock Brewery

Taking over the old Fatty’s Restaurant on Colorado, husband and wife Jeremy Raub and Ting Su presented phases of work they will be doing to create a classic brew pub that will offer a full menu as well as on-site brewery. The couple purchased the property at the end of last year and hope to have the restaurant up and running this summer (phase one); they are optimistic that the onsite brewery will be operational by the end of this year (phase two).

Once all the permits and licenses are in place, phase one will begin this springtime. Minor cosmetic changes will be done in both kitchen and dining area with no real expansion of either area. The couple described taking out some of the communal tables and adding banquettes against the wall for seating.

For phase two, Fatty’s old art studio and warehouse space will be transformed into the brewery. Raub explained that there will be some utility upgrades to the area (drains, electrical, etc.) but he doesn’t anticipate any delays in getting the proper permits. Overall, the restaurant will only serve beer and wine and will initially be open only for dinner, but Raub and Su would like to one day maybe offer a lunch hours as well.

MilkFarm Restaurant

More than 300 gourmet cheese selections will be on the menu at MilkFarm along with other charcuteriere and artisanal-based products for those not lactose intolerant. Owner Leah Park Fierro (former manager of Silverlake Cheese Shop) took over the old office building last September to create a small sit-down dining area that will also serve craft beer and wine. She hopes to open the space (that will be 50 percent restaurant and 50 percent retail) this April.

Food would be served from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. with rotating menus of sandwiches, cheese plates and more. Fierro showed board members huge hunks of polished wood that will be serving platters for cheeses, meats, etc. She also described a raised cheese bar where patrons can sample cheese. In addition, the store will sell gift baskets and offer catering services.

Operating hours for MilkFarm is planned for 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. every day with Sunday hours 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Fierro also said she would like to offer cheese making classes, “Meet the Cheese Maker” events and more.

Brenda Rees is a writer and resident of Eagle Rock.

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