Speed limits changes coming to Eastside streets

Jan 14, 2019
25 mph sign in cypress park

25 mph speed limit on Avenue 28 in Cypress Park will be raised to 30 mpg

Speed limits are going up on more than 100 miles of city streets so the LAPD can write more speeding tickets, the Los Angeles Times reports.  Huh? It sounds counterintuitive, but then again so is the law that forced the move, or as one councilman said it’s “stupid.”

Apparently, cities must post speed limits that mirror the natural flow of traffic. If the speed limit is more than seven years old or too slow, officers can’t use the radar guns they rely upon to catch speeders.

So, the L.A. City Council last month voted to raise the limits on many streets. However, in some cases, speed limits were lowered based on recent traffic studies.

Expect the new speed limit signs to go up soon.

Here are some Eastside streets with the upcoming speed changes:

  • A section of Avenue 28 in Cypress Park goes up to 30 mph from 25 mph
  • One mile of Huntington Drive in El Sereno goes up to 40 mph from 35 mph
  • Bellevue Avenue in Silver Lake goes down to 25 mph from 30 mph
  • A stretch of Stadium Way through Elysian Park goes up to 40 mph from 35 mph
  • Alvarado Street south of the 101 Freeway slows to 30 mph from 35 mph

Rachel Uranga is a Los Angeles-based writer

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