Silver Lake’s vertical garden gets peeled away

Jul 3, 2012

Vertical garden in May.

Vertical garden coming down. PHoto by Scott Fajack.

Plywood revealed behind garden wall. Photo by Scott Fajack.

Sections of  the vertical garden that covered a  former Silver Lake beauty salon were removed today in a slow-motion strip tease. The garden was planted more than two years ago by a hair salon owner who had  wrapped the building at  Sunset Boulevard and Griffith Park boulevards in a blanket of living plants. An estimated 20,000 seedlings – from succulents to Scotch Moss  – and handfuls of soil were inserted into slits cut into thick fabric attached to the walls. A network of pipes under that fabric irrigated the garden. But the garden proved difficult to maintain and large sections of the walls were never planted, leaving behind tattered flaps of fabric and plastic to begin peeling from the sides of the building.

In May,,  which has leased the building to open a new grocery store  in the building, said that the garden would be removed because it consumes too much water, 40,000 a gallons a month to be exact.

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