Silver Lake’s ‘Sunset Junction’ sign now promoting anti-development campaign

Jan 28, 2017

Sunset Junction sign gets political

SILVER LAKE — Look twice at the Sunset Junction sign at Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue. It may look the same as usual, but the Sunset Junction sign no longer says “Sunset Junction.” Instead, it’s been turned into a message supporting Measure S – the anti-development planning reform that will appear on the March 7 ballot.

Nor may the sign be changed back anytime soon, since this isn’t the work of vandals. It was done by the sign’s owners, Christine and Gareth Kantner, according to LA Weekly.

The Kanters, who also own the compound of shops (that includes Cafe Stella and Intelligentsia) around the sign, have joined the Measure S campaign after long fighting the proposed Junction Gateway development across the street from their property. (The Weekly quotes a Junction Gateway spokesman, however, saying that the  project would not be affected by Measure S.)

Measure S makes a number of changes to the city’s general plan laws, including imposing a moratorium for up to two years on any construction that increases development density, and prohibiting project-specific amendments to the city’s general plan.

Sunset Junction sign before it go political

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