Silver Lake stays in step with Rudyard Kipling

Jan 15, 2014

Photo by Matt Summers

The often trash-strewn Micheltorena stairway in Silver Lake is now littered with the words of  Rudyard Kipling.  Someone stenciled the words from the “Hunting-Song of the Seeonee Pack,” a poem from Kipling’s classic “The Jungle Book,” on some of the more than 200 steps of the stairway that climbs up from Sunset Boulevard. There appears to be some differences between online versions of the poem and the verse that tumbles down the steps but it does give you something to read as you struggle to climb up that hill.

Matt Summers, who lives near the stairs and snapped the photos, said he does not know who stenciled Kipling’s poem on to concrete but appreciates the effort. “It was a nice surprise.”

Photo by Matt Summers

Photo by Matt Summers

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