Silver Lake drivers discover new way to bypass traffic – the Rowena bike lane

Sep 11, 2013

The city earlier this year put a section of Rowena Avenue between Hyperion Avenue and Glendale Boulevard on a “road diet,” restriping the Silver Lake street to remove a lane of traffic in each direction and make room for bikes. But that has not stopped some drivers from using the bike lanes to get around congestion, especially during the rush-hour when traffic is backed up for two blocks and more.  Jim Hughes of Eagle Rock  shot the brief video clip above this week as a car glides down the eastbound bike lane, bypassing the traffic congestion. Said Hughes via email:

I take Rowena every day coming home from work and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone in a car using the bike lane. In fact I see more cars in the bike lanes than bikes.

Cars are not the only motor vehicles to use the Rowena bike lane. Hughes has also spotted motorcycles and, last week, a full-size pickup.

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