Silver Lake bomb scare triggered by empty pressure cooker *

Apr 17, 2013

Police close off Glendale Boulevard at Fletcher Drive during bomb scare.

A Silver Lake shopping center was evacuated and nearby streets closed down this afternoon after the LAPD bomb squad inspected and popped open a  suspicious device – a pressure cooker – left in the parking lot.  The shiny pressure cooker in the parking lot of a Ralphs supermarket and other stores on Glendale Boulevard turned out to be empty, said Capt. Jeff Bert with the Northeast Division. Officials did not want to take any chances in the wake of pressure cookers used in Monday’s deadly Boston Marathon bombings and ordered the shopping center evacuated after firefighters reported the appliance  at about 12:20 p.m. An LAPD Bomb Squad robot was used to inspect and pop open the pressure cooker.

It’s not clear if the pressure cooker, which store employees said was located near a shopping center exit at Glendale Boulevard near a Starbucks,  was left behind by accident or if it was  a hoax.

“It’s certainly a cruel hoax if it was one,” said Bert, who ran the Boston Marathon four years ago. “It’s just sad.”

* This post had been updated.

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