Silver Lake author up for National Book Award; Shepard Fairey on street art; fictional Boyle Heights restaurant serves up fusion food parody

Nov 11, 2017

Silver Lake Author: A visit with Silver Lake resident and author Robin Benway whose new book, Far From the Tree,  is a finalist for the National Book Award in young people’s literature. L.A. Times

Street Art:  Shepard Fairey, the Echo Park-based artist who is featured in a new documentary,  talks about why street art is still “street” given widespread commercialization. “The visceral reaction of seeing something on the street that was done covertly, I think, is always gonna be more intense than seeing something like that on a gallery or museum wall — or in a movie or an ad for a product.”  L.A. Times

Fusion Fun: Nordic Tacos, Lebanese Corn Dogs and Irish-Catholic Hummus are on the menu of Con-Fusion, a fictional Boyle Heights restaurant that serves as a parody of L.A.’s fusion cuisine scene. EaterLA

Eastside Scene of the Day

A post shared by karen k (@frogtownklk) on Oct 28, 2017 at 12:35pm PDT

Ripple Street in Fog, Elysian Valley | frogtownklk

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