New signs and stripes for L.A. River path

Feb 18, 2014

New striping on the L.A. River Path | Rio Optos

New river signage | LADOT Bike Blog

Cyclists as well as pedestrians have taken note of some improvements – including new striping and signage – that have popped up recently along the L.A. River pathway as it runs through Elysian Valley and Silver Lake.  “Over the past month, bike way users have been treated to new stripes making their way onto the asphalt bikeway surface where previous stripes had faded to near invisibility,” said a  bike rider who goes by the name of Rio Optos.

Bike Blog, which is published by the city’s Department of Transportation, said the  bright thermoplastic striping  along  7.5 miles of the path between Elysian Valley and Griffith Park   is scheduled to be completed by early March.  At the same time, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority  has installed the first batch of new informational signs indicating the distance to major streets, parks and other destinations.

One potential change is still being considered: rumble strips. These are thick strips of thermoplastic that would be installed in the asphalt near pedestrian entrances and crossings.  The strips are designed to alert cyclists to the crossings in hopes of reducing potential collisions with pedestrians.  “It’s important to create an atmosphere where all users of the path can coexist peacefully and enjoy this beautiful, natural corridor,” according to Bike Blog.

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