Lost in Echo Park: Tiny white chihuahua

Nov 3, 2013

Desmond is a 3-4 lb., white, smooth coated senior chihuahua with dark brown eyes and nose. He looks much younger than his 12+ years. He is thin and has weak back legs (luxating patellas). He is very timid and growls a lot. He has a bald spot on the front of his neck and a fluffier area at his scruff. He has a black collar with a rainbow heart print on it and a heart shaped ID tag. He went missing around 12:00 PM on Sunday 11/03/13 from my yard at the corner of Mohawk & Reservoir. Possibly picked up by a man with shoulder length black hair, wearing all black, with a black hat and carrying a couple of bags. He is greatly loved and wanted back home.

Thank you for keeping an eye out for him!
If seen please contact Jane at 917-208-2761 or


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