Lincoln Heights is the place for toys and tacos

Jul 22, 2014

Lincoln Heights Toy Library draws a crowd in front of taco restaurant | John King

LINCOLN HEIGHTS — With Little Free Libraries seeming to pop up all over the place, John King and Therese Garcia decided that their neighborhood could benefit from the same concept. But instead of  books,  the Lincoln Heights couple decided to focus on toys. So, after getting permission from the owners of Tacos Chapalita, the Toy Library of Lincoln Heights opened on Saturday in front of the restaurant on North Broadway near Johnston Street. “This has been a huge success, and the local kids walk away with massive smiles,” King said.

King said his wife made the toy library from a beat up cabinet she found on a street in Echo Park. While the idea is to have the kids eventually return the toys, the couple has been busy restocking the nearly empty cabinet at the end of the day with donations from friends and family. King said the couple could use some help to keep the Lincoln Heights Toy Library is to stay in business.  He asks that the public stop by and leave a toy, with action figures and items for boys  in short supply.

The couple is now working on a lending library with a Lincoln theme and a media library with CDs, DVDs and video games, he said.

Photo courtesy John King

Top of the toy library | John King

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