“Lemonade, limonada, lemonade, limonada …”

Jun 1, 2013

The call to lemonade/limonada

Eight-year-old Aaron Nevarez picked a good day to open his first lemonade stand, with today’s warm weather prompting many passing motorists and neighbors to stop at the corner of  Druid Street and Cyrill Avenue in El Sereno for a $1 glass of lemonade, served with a slice of lime and strawberry.

“Lemonade, limonada, lemonade, limonada,”  Aaron yelled out in English and Spanish with the help of his Farmdale Elementary megaphone as his mom and cousin prepared cups to be handed out.

After learning about lemonade stands at school, the second-grader decided he wanted to open his own to help buy a TV for his sparsely furnished bedroom, said his mother, Tiffany Garcia.  Aaron and his mother were up early, rinsing lemons and preparing the drinks.   Garcia’s said she was proud of her son’s bilingual salesmanship as another motorist pulled over to make a purchase.

In fact, Aaron was such a good sales person that he was sold out of lemonade – about $20 worth – shortly after noon.  “We ran out of lemonade – I can stop screaming now,” he said.

Aaron and his lemonade stand will return to the corner of Druid and Cyrill on Sunday morning.

Drive up service

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