Homeless parking in Glassell Park | Angelino Heights’ fake parking signs | LAUSD board candidate’s take on an Echo Park charter school

Mar 11, 2019

A Roundup of Eastside News & Info

A Glassell Park parking lot for people who live in their vehicles draws opposition. One Angelino Heights resident decided to do something about his parking-challenged neighborhood. And the success of an Echo Park charter  doesn’t impress the top LAUSD board candidate. News & Notes, Monday edition:

Are those parking signs for real?

“Yo, please maximize parking. Park 2-3 feet from other vehicles. Park close to the end of curbs,” read some pretty official looking parking signs (well, except for the “Yo” part) on West Kensington Road and Laveta Terrace in the Angelino Heights. CBS reported that Derek Boonstra, a 13-year resident, made the signs and put them up.  But FoxLA  said city officials may be readying to take them down.

Boonstra was motivated by drivers that parked their cars in a way that wasted off-street parking space, which is especially scarce during Dodger season, CBS reported.

A Glassell Park lot for homeless riles seniors

The city will open a  20-vehicle, overnight parking lot in Glassell Park this month for the homeless, despite opposition  from local  seniors, according to the  Boulevard Sentinel. The lot  on Verdugo Road at the Glassell Park Senior Center is part of the citywide Safe-Parking program and will house a wash station and a toilet.

Glassell Park Seniors, a group that meets at the center, said they were never consulted, though the Councilman Gil Cedillo’s office did get the  approval  of the neighborhood council. About 60 seniors formally opposed the plan, objecting to the removal of spaces they might need, the Sentinel  reported. Homeless persons who have been approved by officials will be able to park in the lot from 7 pm to 7 am.

Nearly 16,000 people in L.A. County  live in their vehicles, and the program is the city’s way  of accommodating the  crush  of homeless living in their vehicles. The overnight lot won’t be the only one in the Eastside. As we reported earlier, the Edendale Library parking  lot is also being considered.

An Echo Park charter school and an uncompromising school board candidate

Families from across the city bring their children to Echo Park to attend Gabriella charter school, run by a former attorney who came to education after losing her daughter in a bike accident twenty years ago. It’s considered one of the best in the city and is featured in LA Times columnist Steve Lopez’  latest look at the charter versus public school debate ahead of the May 14 school board run-off election.  Spoiler alert, he thinks there is room for both types of schools.

He points out is that LAUSD school board candidate and heavy favorite Jackie Goldberg  lives close to Gabriella. But it’s unlikely that Goldberg, a former teacher herself, would ever encourage her neighbors to send their kids to Gabriella. Her view is that charters rob traditional schools of resources, a point of view that could heavily influence school board policy if she wins.  Liza Bercovici, who runs the school on a portion  of Logan  Elementary, says she simply aims to provide the best  education and it’s often for low-income families.

Rachel Uranga is a Los Angeles-based writer

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