Found: Echo Park pup without a chip or collar

Jun 30, 2012

Submitted by R. Keszek

I found the sweetest dog this evening hiding in a corner behind the house of a dog I was visiting for a walk. He doesn’t have a chip or collar and he doesn’t look like he was well taken care of so I’m actually not really interested in trying to track down where he came from. My original plan was to keep him until I could find a new home for him but he’s not neutered yet and when I tried to bring him home my male dog objected quite insistently. In the time I had him we met many other dogs and people and even a few cats and he was absolutely wonderful with everyone.

I was very fortunate to run into a great neighbor who was kind enough to offer to keep him in his garage/office (because his dog doesn’t like ANY other dogs) temporarily while I try to find him a home or a better foster. I absolutely do not want to see this dog go to the pound and I certainly can’t expect my neighbor to keep him indefinitely. I’ve already met one interested person but she said that although some people in her building do have dogs there is a policy disallowing it so she’s not sure she can adopt him.

Everyone who’s met him so far has adored him and he became attached to me very quickly so I have no doubt he’ll be an amazing companion for someone.  Send email to

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