Elysian Heights parents respond to teachers strike | Historic Filipinotown figure resigns amid FBI probe | Boyle Heights man killed in Palmdale

Jan 21, 2019

A Roundup of Eastside News & Info

How Elysian Heights parents responded to the teachers strike. The teachers’ union poster child is a Boyle Heights teacher. And a public works commissioner connected to Historic Filipinotown resigns amid the fallout of an FBI probe. Plus holiday closures. News & Notes on the Martin Luther King holiday.

Elysian Heights parents strong support for striking teachers 

Only 19 of Elysian Heights Elementary school’s 330 students showed up on the first day of the teachers’ strike last week in a pretty stunning show of solidarity. The Los Angeles Times profiles how a tight-knit group of parents responded to the strike where teachers are demanding smaller classes and better pay by creating mini-co-ops and helping parents find daycare options. The strike is poised to start its second week.

The face of the strike is a Boyle Heights teacher

A 34-year-old history and ethnic studies teacher at Roosevelt High School, Roxana Dueñas, has become the face of teacher’s strike. The Los Angeles Times profiles her.

The image of  Dueñas in her dark framed glasses and long hair is one of several posters that United Teachers Los Angeles commissioned ahead of the strike. Created by Boyle Heights artist Ernesto Yerena, who was part of Shepard Fairey’s “We the People” protest campaign, the image has been carried by picketers and used in ads. Yerena told the Times he wanted to highlight a teacher of color because of the nationwide ethnic disparity between students and teachers.

FBI corruption probe of City Hall figures leads public works commissioner with Historic Filipinotown ties to resign

The former executive director of a Historic Filipinotown nonprofit resigned his post on the Los Angeles Board of Public Works this week after being named in a federal search warrant that is part of an ongoing FBI probe into corruption at City Hall, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

The warrant looking into potential crimes, including bribery, kickbacks and extortion, does not say that the FBI has gathered evidence of criminal activity.  But Joel Jacinto stepped down to avoid become a distraction to the board, said the attorney for the 2015 mayoral appointee.

Boyle Heights man among 3 killed in Palmdale shooting

David Adalberto Hernandez-Licona of Boyle Heights was among the three men who were shot dead this week Wednesday night on an isolated road near Palmdale, the L.A. Times said. The 24-year-old and the other victims were found in two vehicles near an abandoned housing development.

It appears that the men were shot with a semi automatic rifle. But investigators so far have no information about the motive for the crime or information about possible suspects.

What’s closed on Martin Luther King Day

City, county and federal offices, libraries and superior courts are closed. As are schools at the Los Angeles Unified School District. Don’t expect mail today either. But buses and subway services in Los Angeles run on a regular schedule, as do Metrolink trains. And trash is on a regular pick up schedule. The info comes via Los Angeles Daily News.

Rachel Uranga is a Los Angeles-based writer

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