Echo Park welcomes The Rolling Stones

Apr 27, 2013

Photo by Martin Cox

Tonight’s unexpected Rolling Stone show at the Echoplex in Echo Park stunned many fans and triggered a flood of photos, Tweets and Facebook comments. Who knew a band that has been performing for 50 years could still cause a commotion? Click on the line below for a sample of impressions and reactions from across social media.

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The Rolling Stones in Echo Park? Yes, it’s true

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Some old farts are playing a show at the echoplex.. #rollingstones #startmeupBurt Bakman
"Good evening Echo Park, please will you welcome on the first night of their North American tour, the @RollingStones!"The Rolling Stones
Holy shit! The Rolling Stones playing tonight at the #Echoplex | #echopark #rollingstone #concert #music #losangelesPattyHume
friggin love Echo Park…. bout to see The Rolling Stones right across the street from my house!!!!!!Camo Jorel
Line for the #rollingstones at the #theechoM.U.S.E.
Rolling Stone ticket holder line up across the Sunset Boulevard bridge over Glendale Boulevard
#TheStones are performing in #EchoPark right now! A surprise performance! We didn’t get tix but we’re standing outside and can hear it all!Valerie Cooper
#therollingstones #rollingstones #echoplex #losangeles #california #live #rocknroll #rock #epic #thestones #wtf #unbelievable
#Echoplex . . . would one of you 700 please OPEN THE DOOR so we can HEAR?J.B. Strickland
Backstage trailer for Rolling Stones secret show at echo in our hood! From our rehearsal room rooftopSimon Oscroft
I was at Echo Park UMC this afternoon waiting for the Stones to come over for prayer. I must have been in the loo when they stopped by. Oh well. You can’t always get what you want.David K. Farley
Even the pastor of the Echo Park United Methodist Church is a Stones fan

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