Echo Park truck stop

Sep 18, 2013

Semi-truck at Cerro Gordo and Vestal in Elysian Heights/Bug Wuller

Pitty the drivers of semi-trucks, buses and stretch limousines who are unaware of the steep hills of Echo Park and Elysian Heights.  The driver of a white-semi truck learned a lesson in neighborhood topography tonight after his vehicle got stuck at Cerro Gordo Street and Vestal Avenue.  Bug Wuller took some photos of the stranded truck and the heavy-duty tow truck that came to its rescue.

It was quite a show for residents, including Wuller’s four-year-old:

Well, overall a very exciting evening that has utterly screwed bedtime for the 4 year-old. He is elated, and this story is going to be a big hit at preschool tomorrow.

The driver of the semi-truck, which was delivering households goods to someone moving in, will have plenty to talk about as well,  including  the $500 it will cost him to get that truck towed out of trouble.



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