Echo Park plays a supporting role in puppet productions

Jan 29, 2014

Puppeteer Bob Baker brought his puppet-making skills and his marionette theater to the southern edge of Echo Park more than fifty years ago. Now, a new generation of puppeteers are calling Echo Park home, making puppets for live performances as well as part of animated productions. The firm Screen Novelties, for example, moved its offices and studio to Temple Street  in 2011.  Meanwhile, Echo Park residents Adam Shenkman and Nicole Daddona of Yeti Yeti Studio have showcased many of their puppets and live-action characters in videos shot in the neighborhood, including the recently released Wolfvis Presley video, which includes scenes recorded in the bars, coffee houses, nightclubs and thrift shops of Echo Park.

“Most of the characters we create – both puppets and live action characters and our TV show creations – all take pride in calling Echo Park there home!” said Shenkman in an email.

Shenkman and Daddona, who are currently developing a show for Cartoon Network, are also preparing to open a studio in Echo Park, Shenkman said.

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