Echo Park is reunited with its lake

Jun 15, 2013

The cutting of a ceremonial red ribbon unleashes a crowd of visitors to newly reopened Echo Park Lake.

Nearly two years after being fenced off, dug up, drained and refilled, Echo Park Lake reopened this morning to a flood of park-deprived fans, politicians, media and one Chinese dragon.

The crowd flowed into the park after mayor elect and former Echo Park resident Eric Garcetti  cut a ceremonial red ribbon across an entrance to the park as Chinese drummers pounded away and church bells rang out. Within minutes, the park’s new pathways,  freshly planted lawns and landmark bridge were crowded with people exploring a landscape that was both new and familiar thanks to a multi million dollar clean up designed to improve water quality funded by Prop. O bonds. People posed with images of the Lady of the Lake Statue, fountains and, of course, the blossoming lotus in the background.

There were questions about some yellowed expanses of lawn, the accuracy of new informational signs and how park staff was going to maintain the new wetlands. But for the most part Echo Park Lake 2.0 got positive reviews.

“Today we celebrate the rebirth of a lake, of a park and a neighborhood,” said Garcetti, who described the clean up of the lake as the “greatest” project” he had worked on. “Echo Park Lake is back.”

The first batch of park visitors were fast to share their images on Twitter, Instagram. Here are some  of their images and impressions:

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