Echo Park council to throw itself a $1,000 celebration but some are not ready to party

Mar 29, 2012

Photo by Uriel1998/Flickr

It’s been about decade since the Echo Park neighborhood council was formed, and some council members say it’s time to celebrate the milestone.  “It’s a good opportunity to reach out … and  celebrate 10 years,” said President Jose Sigala during Tuesday night’s council meeting. But that party proposal and $1,000 budget met with a mixed response from members of the public as well as the councils’ Board of Governors.

“I really think you should …  support things in the community that will last instead of  a party or some damn thing that you might  dream up for $1,000,” said resident and frequent council critic Isa Kae Meksin. “That’s a hell of a lot of taxpayer money. You don’t deserve it.”

The party would not only celebrate the 10th anniversary but also honor the memory of some council members who have passed away and involve the other community organizations in the festivities.

However, some board members of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council were not thrilled with the idea of a restaurant reception and no host bar even though they supported the idea of honoring the occasion. One board member suggested cutting $1,000 approved for another project to pay for the party. Another spoke about reducing the scope of the event into a smaller and cheaper affair.

Spending $1,000 would “be  inappropriate and in bad taste, especially now in these times,” said one board member. “I could not attend such a thing.”

But, in the end, the governing board voted in support of the $1,000 party budget, with seven members voting in favor, two in opposition and two abstaining from the vote.

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