Eastside Weekend Wire: March 17 & 18, 2018

Mar 17, 2018

A rundown of the weekend’s happenings – updated as needed
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Sunday’s Weather:  The L.A. Marathon will get off to a chilly start, with morning temperatures expected to be in the upper 40s.  A high of 63 and mostly sunny skies are forecast for the rest of the day. Monday should be warmer, with a high of 71. NWS

Map from L.A. Marathon

Sunday’s L.A. Marathon will mean detours and delays and the risk of getting your car towed if you don’t pay attention to the temporary No Parking signs. The first marathoners (those in wheelchairs) leave the stadium at 6:30 am, but some streets and freeway ramps will be closed as early as 3 am on Sunday. Some streets will be accessible only to residents.

Metro and DASH bus riders should also prepare for service being disrupted or halted for part of the day.

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