Eastside Weekend: Spoke(n) Art Ride in Cypress Park; Music at The Market in Highland Park; Designer purge in Echo Park

Apr 10, 2015

One of the Sunset Studs or Mr. Bot who will be at Designer  Detox  at Sunset


Even creative types feel the constraints of their 9-5 jobs. La Fabrica is a group of designers who are releasing all the wild imaginings they conjured during their days with clients who had very specific ideas. Designer Detox is a purging of the random thought patterns that percolated during the workday, finally able to see the light of day. Question the psychology behind furniture and common products that relate to the human scale. Friday, April 10 at the Sunset


“Dangling Duck” by Timothy Sellers

The second Saturday of every month is the Northeast L.A. Artwalk. That much is clear. But it also happens to be The Bike Oven’s Spoke(n) Art Ride through the artwalk. When they named it the art walk they didn’t limit the mode of transportation to only walking. This go around the ride will start off at The Flying Pigeon L.A. bike shop on Figueroa Street with a reception featuring Highland Park-based artist and musician Timothy Sellers. Saturday, April 11 at Flying Pigeon L.A. and all throughout NELA Artwalk.

Eastside Handmade | Sherise Lee

You used to scoff, “Oh great, another one of grandma’s homemade presents.” Well, guess what? Now all of a sudden you appreciate fine craftsmanship and the delicate intricacies that go into making something durable and practical. Eastside Handmade features plenty of local artists who want to show you the love they put into each of their crafts. These unique, one-of-a-kind products may not be exactly like your grandma’s hard work, but with all the ceramic, flatiron, wood, and other materials it’s too good to pass up. Saturday, April 11 at Shopclass.
What’s that? You heard there was going to be an artwalk in the neighborhood? Where did you get such hip, hard-hitting news? Well, since you’re in the area stop on by The Market on Avenue 50, where there will be some musical acts playing their hearts out. Acts like We Are The West, Chris “Sippi” Wessman and violinist Yvette Holzwarth. Saturday, April 11 at The Market.
Photographer Lori Dorn created her own backdrops for photo-shoots. Nothing fancy, just a few quick dabs of color. Soon Dorn found herself painting as an expression, as a means to convey some organic thought that rested in her mind. “Now. You Se Me” is a chance for the others to view Dorn’s world in a whole new paradigm. And to add another layer of awareness someone will most likely take a picture of her work with a camera, or maybe even photograph Dorn. It’s all very meta. Saturday, April 11 at Keystone Art Space.
Between concept and design is a complicated jungle of overthought clichés. Designer Carm Goode and Miles Forthwrighte will discuss some esoteric notions on design and illustrations at 39 Books, delving into the realms of The Burgeoning Sprezzetura Epidemic and The Alter Ego Intervention. Saturday, April 11 at Future Studio Gallery.

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