Eastside Flower Power

Mar 24, 2013

A field of flowers blooms next to the train tracks in El Sereno.

No need to head up to Antelope Valley or the L.A. County Arboretum for a display of spring-time blooms. A Saturday drive from City Terrace to Highland Park revealed that the Eastside was in full bloom, with fragrant clumps of wisteria hanging over homes and carpets of neon-purple ice plant spilling down front yards and retaining walls. So, take some Claritin, go outside and enjoy the show while it lasts.

A burst of yellow alongside the road in Montecito Heights

An aromatic clump of wisteria clinging to this City Terrace home can be seen and smelled from a block away.

It’s not just plants that are in bloom. Many trees, like this one in Montecito Heights, are also putting on quite a show.

It’s easy to forget that the flowers, trees and grassy hillsides of Ascot Park in El Sereno are in the middle of the city.

Corral-colored blooms  hang from a patch of succulents in Lincoln Heights.

Perhaps  it’s time for Cal State L.A. to change its school colors from yellow and brown to match the purple and green of this campus hillside.

Even usually forgettable parking lot shrubs are in full, eye-catching flower.

Watch Out Below: A City Terrace orange tree heavy with fruit.

Everything is growing in this Highland Park front yard.

Spring-time blooms brightens up the urban landscape of El Sereno.

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