Does “Figueroa Plaza” sound like Highland Park to you?

Feb 11, 2014

The newly expanded Vons shopping center at Figueroa Street and La Loma Road in Eagle Rock is nearing completion, with a roster of  tenants that includes The Habit (grilled onions, please), Wells Fargo, T-Mobile and Supercuts, according to information posted inside the supermarket.  While some residents might take issue with the preponderance of chain stores, others are not too happy with the name given to the formerly nameless shopping center: Figueroa Plaza.   The Boulevard Sentinel reports that the name did not got over well with some of those who attended a recent Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce meeting. Their main problem? “Figueroa”  make it sound like the center is in Highland Park. Says the Sentinel:

Critics say that the name implies the center is in Highland Park, which has a much larger identity with North Figueroa Street than does Eagle Rock.
They contend that the name should not have “Figueroa” in it, but instead should include “Eagle Rock” or “Colorado.”

The Sentinel offers some alternatives – La Loma Plaza or Annandale Plaza – but there is no indication that the name will be changed. Perhaps critics will take some comfort in the fact that the shopping center is building an Eagle Rock monument sign at the corner of the property.

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