Bulletin Board: Food Forward Puts their Best Fruit Forward to Fight Hunger in the Eastside

Jul 21, 2014

Submitted by Lillian Krovoza at Food Forward

In backyards across the Eastside, orange globes hang suspended in the air in batches—absorbing the all warmth and sweetness of the SoCal sun. They weigh down the strongest of branches, tugging at las ramas with the sheer weight of their hundreds of combined pounds. What is this army of sweet orange globes? Well, oranges, of course!

In Los Angeles, fruit is ripening around the clock; no season (if you consider LA to have seasons…) comes around without spurring a bounty of fruit that drips off the trees. But what happens when this abundance of backyard gold is too much for a lucky homeowner to eat (or share with friends and neighbors)? Unfortunately, most of the time, it falls to the ground, signaling over the flies to assist in its rotting demise. This wasted abundance meets its unhappy end while at the same time, one in six Angelinos suffer from food insecurity [1] and lack access to fresh, nutritious produce.

The plenty on the branches hangs in stark contrast to LA’s serious problem of food insecurity… and that’s where Food Forward comes in. Food Forward is the largest volunteer-driven non-profit fruit gleaning organization in Southern California; they connect fresh fruit to t

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