Open Studios: The Story Chicks

Apr 27, 2016

Story-ChicksHometown Pasadena is proud to be a media sponsor of the ever-growing, increasingly popular Open Studios Alta/Pasa/Dena, which is held at studios, homes, home studios, cafes, and galleries all over Altadena and Pasadena in the spring and the fall. Open Studios began in December, 2013 with five locations and nine artists. This spring’s tour, June 4-5, features 65 artists at 25 locations.

If you have not committed a few hours, a day, or even the whole weekend to getting up close and personal with these local painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, ceramicists, performers and assemblage, mixed media, and textile artists, we whole-heartedly encourage you do so. We enjoy it every time.

Our gratitude to Open Studios for the text below as we feature Open Studio artists in the weeks leading up to the spring tour:

As part of the Altadena Open Studios Tour make sure you stop by the Altadena Library’s Community Room on Saturday, June 4 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to be part of the Story Chicks‘ very unusual interactive event: “A Story Chicks Day Of  Play: creating art and props, writing your own stories, and acting and dancing onstage.

Two writers, two dancers, two creative choreographers and directors, and two antic actors, all rolled into one tall and one small chick. Two different people combining their stories to become a magical blend to delight and transport you back to your own childhood memories. Magical, universal, heartfelt, tender, and hilarious. One from Texas. One from California. (Story Chicks)




As teachers and stage directors for many years these gals expertly inspire and guide you, the audience, in bringing your own stories to life onstage. CE Jordan and Terri MartinLujan—one tall and one small story chick—will then perform a collection of their classic country childhood adventures as a finale to the day at 4 p.m: ‘Fun & Games: Story Chicks Kick Off The Summer!’

Using Ms. MartinLujan’s newest children’s book from her Gruffy McStevens series, children will hear the story, be encouraged to join in, and then the performer/facilitators will lead a discussion of character, habits of the birds and animals, and the meaning of the story.

The children will then be invited to illustrate their favorite part(s) of the story and guided in making simple props for the Story Chicks to use in the performance at the end of the day (so you have to come back and watch!). The drawings are shared with everyone and used in helping stage the story. The leaders will put it all together, assigning age appropriate parts and tasks, practice spacing, lines, and creative movement, and then we will perform our story at 1:15 p.m.! Drawings are displayed in the library after the show.

Visitors will be guided through vocal and movement warm-ups to limber bodies and imaginations, then given story prompts to aid in recalling moments from their own lives. All are then allotted 20 minutes to write their stories or poems. Everyone shares their work.—even one line can be performed onstage! Finally, all the stories are combined creatively for an original performance starting at 3:15 p.m.

Story Chicks can perform attendees’ stories in their fun and whacky style if those writers prefer to be in the audience. But the group’s own true stories are the basis for the final performance, and you just might want to be in on the fun onstage.

Altadena Library, 600 E. Mariposa St., Altadena 91001.


2016 Open Studios Spring Tour
Saturday & Sunday, June 4th-5th, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Locations throughout Altadena & Pasadena
Free tour
For complete details, visit Open Studios



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CE Jordan started life out as a dancer and discovered creative writing in 1982.  She danced with The Moving Co. of Pasadena from 1973-78,  created an original dance theater work for Fringe Festival L. A. in 1987, and has been performing her stories and poems of childhood since 2009. Teaching and directing theater for young people and designing props and costumes professionally, along with her love of performing, has all come together in her work with Story Chicks, a co-partnership formed with Terri MartinLujan in 2013.  CE enjoys working with her ‘simpaticohort’. Hooray for the power of imagination! (Source: Story Chicks)


Terri MartinLujan is an original Texan living in California. Retired from teaching English and theater for 30 years, she now has the opportunity to write and create her own original works. Terri has worked in the field of literacy and learning, directed and co-produced several musicals, Little Shop of Horrors (2002), Fiddler (2005), and Pippin (2009) for the city of Duarte, including an original work, Heroes Tribute, 2009 dedicated to American servicemen and women. A dancer, a poet, a writer, and sculptress, Terri discovered a kindred kid in her playmate, CE Jordan, performing an original work, “A Tale of Two Cowgirls, Texas to California,” written and directed by Jordan and Lujan, aka Story Chicks.  Terri has ventured out with Story Chicks turning memories into stories on stage. She is always looking for new adventures. (Source: Story Chicks)







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