Last Fridays Songwriter Night & Expressive Dance

Jun 4, 2017

Lyd and Mo of Lyd & Mo Photography are kicking it up a notch. Not only do they run their wedding, portrait and photography business, they’re welcoming into their studio and gallery space an alluring array of people and talents.

This past January 27, Lyd and Mo launched Last Fridays Songwriter Night with songwriters and musicians performing live and sharing their original songs.

Singer/songwriter Malynda Hale has curated the five shows so far, welcoming the likes of Diego Garcia of Stage 11, Craig Paddock, William Rottman, Melody V, Lydia Rene, and Two Way Light.

For updates on upcoming Last Fridays, visit the series’ Facebook page.


Stage 11 with Diego Garcia; photo by Lyd & Mo Photography.


Juno Rada Music; photo by Lyd & Mo Photography.


Devyn Rush; photo by Lyd & Mo Photography.


Trent Park performing; photo by Lyd & Mo Photography.


Kari Lawson; photo by Lyd & Mo Photography.


Peter Charles Tvrznik; photo by Lyd & Mo Photography.


Cody DiGerolamo




Expressive Dance with Mindy Krasner


Photo source: Mindy Krasner on Facebook.


“When I was 5 years old, my mother took me to a dance recital of a neighbor who lived down the block. When the performance started, I jumped out of my seat and stood the entire performance. I was mesmerized.”¹

So remembers Mindy Krasner, reflecting on how she fell in love with dance. Krasner went on to study ballet and by the time she was 13 years old, she decided she wanted to be a professional dancer.

“I eventually took 12 classes a week in ballet, point work, and variations.” After graduating high school, she “went straight to Pennsylvania Ballet as an apprentice.”

Krasner danced with professional ballet companies—American Ballet Theater II, Dutch National Ballet, Basel Ballet, and Le Grand Ballet Canadian—for ten years, from 17 to 27. Along the way she realized she was effective as a teacher. “It came natural to me.” Since 2013, she’s been teaching ballet, creative dance, yoga, and dance/fitness.

Lyd & Mo Photography Studio hosts a Krasner expressive dance workshop. The remaining dates are June 9, 16, and 23.

The idea behind the concept is to de-stress and energize one’s body, and “enliven the playful dancer within.”

A guided exploration involving dance elements and concepts aims to “invoke self-expression and creativity.”

Krasner says, “You will leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, and more joyful!”

Creative Expressive Dance Workshop
Remaining dates: June 9, 16 & 23
Location: Lyd & Mo Photography, 27 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena 91106
For more info, call 1.702.493.6443
Or email





¹ All quotes from “Interview with Mindy Krasner” by Freddie Brock, May 2013,


1 Response for “Last Fridays Songwriter Night & Expressive Dance”

  1. Fred McCall says:

    I play Native American Flutes and my wife Joyce world percussion. I include double and triple chamber flutes. My music is perfect for creative dance. I perform at the RenFaire in the “Ortfaerie” booth- many people really respond to my music. A fusion of Native American, Celtic and some mid-east. We are “Windsong Canyon” and “Fred McCall”, and the “Ortfaerie” – all on Facebook. We also play for dancers at the “Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade ball at the Biltmore Hotel in August. Hope to hear from you.
    Thank you,
    Fred McCall



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