It’s M/Manifestation

Mar 11, 2013
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Mathias Augustyniak and Michaël Amzalag

The Arts Center is hosting the first-ever west coast exhibition of M/M (Paris).

One “M” is Mathias Augustyniak, while the other “M” is Michaël Amzalag. Together, they make up the well-known Paris-based art and design team that began collaborating in 1992.

“M/M (Paris) holds a unique position in the international landscape of graphic design. In addition to developing a subtle political analysis of everyday signs and practices, Augustyniak and Amzalag engage in self-reflective research into the capabilities of graphic design.…M/M are ‘shifting experts’: they make graphic design shift from a mediation status to becoming a work of art in itself.” (Alexandra Midal, design historian and curator)

The show M/Manifestation displays more than 100 M/M posters against their new “Double Agent” poster, “a metaphoric representation of their practice.”

The monograph M to M of M/M (Paris) by Emily King features collaborations such as fashion works with Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and Yohji Yamamoto; music works with Björk, Kanye West, and Madonna; and magazines such as Vogue Paris, Arena Homme+, and Interview.

To understand the graphic design studio M/M (Paris)…think not about creating a layout, but about a swan—specifically, a cygnet designed by the duo that became the logo for the singer Björk, which was then rendered by Augustyniak as a lacy drawing for the cover of her album Vespertine. Soon established as a rubic for Björk’s overall output, the swan made its next appearance on the red carpet at the 2001 Oscars, in the form of a Marjan Pejoski design, which became one of the most controversial dresses in modern history.…M/M (Paris) aims to interrupt, fracture or completely subvert conventions. (Alexandra Marshall/Wall Street Journal)

M/M (Paris) M/Manifestation
Show runs March 8th through Sunday, April 28th
Art Center College of Design (Hillside Campus), Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery
1700 Lida St., Pasadena 91103
For complete info, visit

"M to M of M/M (Paris)" by Emily King, a retrospective

“M to M of M/M (Paris)” by Emily King, a retrospective

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