Hometown Boy Makes a Movie

Nov 10, 2009
Zach Shipko as Curtis Jackson in Why Are You Weird?

Zach Shipko as Curtis Jackson in Why Are You Weird?

We’re sending out snaps to Pasadena’s own Zach Shipko, whose new feature-length video-format film, Why Are You Weird?, is getting a lot of attention. Interview magazine’s film site said it “might just be the best VHS feature film to be made in 2009,” and that it “sets a high bar in the world of straight-to-YouTube features.”

Shipko, an alum of Sequoyah School and St. Francis High School (and the son of Hometown Pasadena‘s Mary Jane Horton, who makes a cameo in the film) is a BFA candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute, and he made the pixely, low-tech film with fellow student Tucker Bennett. It follows nerdy art student Curtis Jackson (a spot-on performance by Shipko) as he navigates the sometimes-pretentious, sometimes-stultifying, sometimes-hilarious world of an elite art school. There’s a girl, of course, and stoners, and obnoxious artists, and a hilarious product placement. It’s slow, quirky and the opposite of slick, and for anyone who’s ever spent any time at art school, it’s a must-watch.

Here’s a link to the review on Interview.

And here’s a link to the film itself, which shows in nine-minute segments:

And one more link to another YouTube-based site showing the film:

Finally, we just want to say that we gave Zach his first photography gig, on the first edition of Hometown Pasadena. Just wanted you to know that.

1 Response for “Hometown Boy Makes a Movie”

  1. Lian Dolan says:

    So he, like , totally owes you, Hometown Pasadena! Collect at Independent Film Awards. Maybe he can get you tickets next to Steve Zallian.

    Way to go, Zach. Good job, Mary Jane!




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