Frozen by Carla Tomaso

Nov 11, 2012

Imagine Joan Crawford-turned-Frankenstein-reborn-as-Honey Boo Boo. Only then will you begin to understand the monster at the center of Frozen, the story of a woman who must reanimate her cryogenically frozen, narcissistic mother and raise her from childhood. Elizabeth is determined to re-raise horrible Helen to be the mom she deserves, but her mother-turned-daughter is worse than ever. (Synopsis courtesy of Skylight Books.)

The following comes to Hometown Pasadena courtesy of iMinds PR firm:

Carla Tomaso’s grandmother grew up privileged in Pasadena (very much a society lady), was married off to a suitable husband, and bore one daughter. She took up with her daughter’s hated physical education teacher and they had a long-term “Boston Marriage,” as lesbian relationships were then termed.

The daughter (Carla’s mother) married a Stanford classmate from whom she divorced when Carla was twelve. She then went to live with her father and her mother moved in with a woman Carla hated—and history repeats itself.

Photo by Raymond H. Elgin

Carla met her own partner, Mary Hayden, in college and they have been together for over 40 years. They live in Pasadena—the best place on earth in which to live, the author states.

Carla’s mother was very wealthy, lived a movie star lifestyle, and had little time for her only child. She makes an “appearance” in all of Carla’s books. Carla began writing her latest novel to help her work through her anger in regard to her mother’s extreme narcissism.

Frozen is Carla Tomaso’s fifth book since The House of Real Love and Matricide (Penguin/Plume), Maryfield Academy (Haworth Press), and Voyages Out (Seal Press). The stories range from losing lovers because of an addiction to the idea of love and a lover-stealing narcissistic mother, to a high school gone crazy over threats, pedophilia, and the lies people tell.

Carla Tomaso Reads & Signs Frozen
Wednesday, Nov. 14th, 7:30 p.m.
Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Ave., L.A. 90027
For more info, visit skylightbooks or call 323.660.1175

Editor’s Note: Dr. Edward Thorndike of Columbia University led a study on “the general goodness of life in U.S. cities” and Pasadena was rated as “the best city of all in which to live.”



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