Because Cupcakes Are Creative

Feb 5, 2009

My sister is sprawled out on the couch with a back injury. She swears the only thing that will help her are cupcakes. Typically when she is sick or injured she finds cures like ice cream and baked goods. I’m sure.



Being the gracious sister that I am, after work I stopped by the new cupcake shop on Mission, in South Pasadena, My Sweet Cupcake. This recent cupcake boom still confuses me, but I am willing to reap the benefits thereof. I had seen the cute little facade and been intrigued, so I thought I would stop by. It was delightful. There are a dozen or so favors a day, rotating between all sorts of interesting things. On Wednesday there was Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut and Oreo, among others. I had the first three. The Red Velvet was absolutely perfect.

My Sweet Cupcake definitely understands the fine art of the cupcake-to-frosting ratio. Too often there’s just too much frosting. The cupcake is often too big, and the frosting can’t make it all the way down. There is no articulate way to explain it, but if you’re a cupcake person, you know what I mean. This place understands ratios. I am pleased.

I’ve heard that sometimes they can run out of cupcakes by midday, but I stopped by around 4 and there were still some left. I would definitely recommend a cupcake or two at this lovely establishment.

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  1. Victor says:

    Thank your for your wonderful comments posted about my My Sweet Cupcake. My wife Linda and her business partner, Denise are the very proud owners of this new venture. They’ve only been officially open since January 31 and they are practically selling out every day. People in South Pasadena and the neighboring communities have just thoroughly embraced My Sweet Cupcake and have been so incredibly supportive. Linda and Denise are basically two moms who wanted to go back to work, but wanted to do something that they loved and really enjoyed—cupcakes! So that is fundamentally how My Sweet Cupcake came to fruition. Thank you for coming in. I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed your experience there and that you liked it enough to share it with others on this site. Hope to meet you there at My Sweet Cupcake one day.



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