Bagnard’s Card-Making Workshops

Jun 26, 2017

Make your summer even more creative with artist Karen Barnard’s card-making workshops in Altadena. All materials are provided and guests may make as many cards as they wish during the 3-hour period. Folks are also welcome to bring “little extras” to add to their cards, such as stamps, photos, stickers, charms, and buttons.

Besides leading card-making classes, Kären has a homemade card line of her own, using her original drawings that are infused with “accents of color and light.” She as illustrated books, designed stained glass windows and created murals in San Francisco, Arkansas, and Altadena, and often works on commissions and special projects.

Kären has a background in advertising, marketing, and human resources. She believes there’s a “healing power in creative energy” and enjoys teaching how to make unique handmade cards to “enable people to be creative in surprising ways.”



Kären’s elegant and expressive greeting cards are truly unique. Each hand embellished card is awash with colorful splashes of watercolor – highlighting the fine lines of her mermaids, fairies and wizards – that seem to spring to life on paper.

Where does the inspiration come from? Maybe it’s genetic. Kären, the daughter of two artists, has been drawing her whole life and is largely self-taught. Or could it be the tradition of story telling that is part of her Danish culture? After all, this is the land of Hans Christian Andersen. And let’s not rule out the stories told by her sea-captain grandfather, Thorveld Petersen, as another source of fire for her imagination.

Whatever the source of the inspiration, Kären has been creating these one-of-a-kind greeting cards since 1989. These frameable art cards can be found in fine stores, small specialty shops, healing centers, book shops, and boutiques throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. (


Card-Making Workshop class times vary:

Friday, July 7th, 9 a.m. to noon
Saturday, July 15th, 1-4 p.m.
Friday, July 21st, noon to 3 p.m.
Monday, August 7th, 9 a.m. to noon
Saturday, August 19th, 1-4 p.m.
Monday, August 28th, 9 a.m. to noon

Cost: $30 per class

Located in the home and studio of Kären Bagnard, 517 Wapello St., Altadena.

Reserve a space by calling 1.626.798.9307.




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