Authors in Our Midst

Jul 24, 2013

Black-crested-Titmouse-F1Authors in Our Midst in an ebook written by participants in the Spring 2013 Courage to Write Writing Workshop led by author/instructor Esther Bradley-DeTally and held at La Pintoresca Branch Library.

How about a taste of a Faukner-length sentence in “Toasting Relations” by Bradley-DeTally:
The toast, more than slightly burned and twisted, rose with her pale limpid hand, as Emily, a follower of Ron Paul, Edward Dash, Holley Holes and other limpid like creatures, spoke with as much force as she could emanate….

“Birding” by Katherine B. Footracer:
I rush to the group a few breathless minutes late,
Half-eaten oatmeal congealing in its bowl and my belly,
My coffee and plaid flannel sheets forsaken.
“Oak titmouse, over there at 2 o’clock,”…

“Homelessness” by Sherrie N. Stamps:
Homelessness looks like how I’m feeling about me. Sometimes homelessness looks like I’ve got it all together and know how to present the Diva in me to the world. Yes, a homeless woman can be a diva on a good day….”

This is a free ebook and can be downloaded at Smashwords or found at the Pasadena Public Library. These voices sound strong; we’re pleased they’re finally emerging.

Authors in Our Midst

Authors in Our Midst
Friday, July 26th, 1-3 p.m.
La Pintoresca Branch Library
1355 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena 91103 or call 626.744.7268

Bio of Esther Bradley-DeTally, in her own words:

Esther Bradley-De TallyI teach four six-week classes on writing.  My background training is from Oakley Hall, who was majestic novelist and teacher and co-director of Squaw Valley Workshop, and also from Jack Grapes, whose name is whistled in freeway corridors like a slick wind, a pied piper of a writing teacher.  Both of these men earn my verbal praise every day.  I have traveled from Moscow to Siberia, and to Ukraine, and then returned with my husband to live in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, and Minsk, Belarus.  I studied writing methods at UCIrvine, and also took several courses under a superb journalist, Joe Bell.

I teach a class on Tuesdays at The Women’s Room, a place that leaps with great words and giant hearts.  The women are either volunteers, homeless or in transition, and it is a great place of support.

On Monday nights, I teach in the basement of Ten Thousand Villages, near California and Lake, from 4:30-6 p.m., for donation.  That, plus a few on-line gigs and tutoring gig, plus Baha’i activities and commitment to racial justice, keeps me busy.  I have a novel in the second draft process. 

Esther has written two books, Without a Net: A Sojourn in Russia and You Carry the Heavy Stuff. Her blog can be found at



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