A Round of Limericks – On the House!

Dec 8, 2014

Jan Michael Alejandro_LimerickFestivalThere are limericks and there are limericks.

Clean, PG-rated limericks sound something like this:

There was an American resident
Who’d long had a wish to be President.
But the modest amount
In his savings account
Was probably why he felt hesitant.
(Anthony Bowden)


There was a young lady of Lynn
Who was so excessively thin,
That when she assayed
To drink lemonade
She slipped through the straw and fell in.




Then there are limericks

Sweet Mary was sick of banana,
So she hit on her friend Joanna
T’was awkward at first
But developed a thirst
They invited their best friend Savana!

Vickie’s va jay jay was real tight
So Ed pushed in with all of his might
His balls got so blue
Not able to screw
Eddie went through the backdoor that night!

This bubba from South Carolina
Had an operation in China
He showed it to Dad.
Oh, son, you been had!
It’s no longer a dick, it’s mangina!

(Limericks courtesy of Jan Michael Alejandro)




The L.A. Limerick Festival, organized by Jan Michael Alejandro, is a raucous evening—if you’re in the mood for bawdy, witty, juvenile, sardonic, and satirical fun. It’s a mixed bag and all in good fun.

Paul T. Bradley of the L.A. Weekly writes, “The festival is party literary genius, part puerile ditty—kind of like the stories you may have heard if you spied on the after-hours portion of your parents’ drink-sodden dinner parties.”

Mistress of ceremonies will be, once again, Mimi Chen of 100.3’s The Sound. She’ll be “spinning the ‘Wheel o’ Limericks’,” says Jan Michael. “Join us for limericks, laughs, drinks, and music at the best pub in all of Los Angeles!” (We’ve got to agree; we do love the Alehouse.)

Featured players include Jeff Goode, Helen Geller, Jonathan Savell, Steve Wooley, Laurie Buckley, Leslies Spring, and Alastair and Jennifer Boase.

Jan Micheal leaves us with this last verse…

The Limerick’s last fest drew out cheers
Even funnier when served with beers
The event was a hit
Poems of all sorts of shit
Wait till you experience this year’s!




The 5th Annual L.A. Limerick Festival
Saturday, Dec. 13th, 6:30-10:30 p.m.
Altadena Ale & Winehouse
2329 Fair Oaks Ave., Altadena 91001
Free street parking
Free event
Open mic sign-up sheet beginning at 6:30 p.m. Must be 21 or older
For details, visit event Facebook page

Proceeds and donations from the evening’s event will benefit A Case for the Cure, breast cancer research.





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