Feb 5, 2014

White-Luxury-house-in-Mykonos-Greece-02Michael Frayn, the author of the hilarious play Noises Off, has created the ultimate beach novel that is just begging for Hugh Grant to option it and turn it into a non-singing, all-charming summer movie.

Set in the days before the internet gave us all instant access to everyone’s personal data, including photos, floppy-haired, feckless Oliver Fox insinuates himself into a world-renowned, Davos-like gathering of world-wide luminaries, impersonating the real guest of honor, a rather boring Jim Broadbent-like character who manages to get himself to the villa on the same island (Skios, in Greece) where Oliver was to meet his girlfriend, who is herself running out on her boyfriend, and who happens to be the best friend of the woman running the conference, who finds herself smitten with Oliver, who is nothing like the stuffy speaker she thought she had booked. Hilarity ensues, complete with Greeks who misunderstand English, Russians up to no good, and even more cliché-ridden Americans. It’s all very British (with farcical French overtones) and, since we may as well spend this warm, dry winter at the beach, why not?


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