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Feb 17, 2016
Tasha Bock, author of Feminist Felines

Tasha Bock, author of Feminist Felines

We know the known names: Janet Fitch, Naomi Hirahara, Denise Hamilton, Michelle Huneven, Ron Koertge, and Attica Locke—just to name a few of the acclaimed local authors in our midst.

On February 21, Vroman’s Local Author day introduces us to five authors we may know nothing about, but maybe should.

Kevin Montgomery was born and raised in Pasadena, “so it was no surprise that he had dreams of being Rose Parade Queen… well, it was a bit of a surprise to his parents until he ‘came out’ at twenty-one.” The Family Next Door is Kevin’s story of his life with Dennis and how they conceived and brought up their daughter. Kevin and Dennis have been together now for 33 years, legally married for eight, and their daughter is 22 years old.




Moustafa El-Guindy received a Masters of Law at Whittier Law School, is a licensed dentist, has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from State University of Campinas (a public research university) in São Paulo, Brazil (and was a professor at said institution for 28 years), and also speaks English, Arabic, and Portuguese fluently. Now, El-Guindy is a novelist.

Beyond Love is the story of James, a man who leaves his family to embrace a new love that comes in the form of Jennifer, one of his students. When she leaves him, he must rebuild his life and career, only to be drawn back “to rescue the one who destroyed him.”

Montgomery and El-Guindy will be the local authors on site at Vroman’s in the afternoon of February 21 at 4 p.m. and on. Find details here.




Tasha Bock is a fifth generation Californian. She writes that her sister Quincy has taught her the importance of feminism. Quincy’s two cats, Mischief and Tinker, with their “distinct and determined personalities” are the heroines of her tale Feminist Felines.




Through illustrations by Tim Lukowiak, The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee “weaves story, songs and images into a tapestry of joy, wonder and appreciation for the ancient lineage and loving service of the honey bees.” Story by Aimée Lissantheia. Tim is a self-taught visual artist and Aimée travels the world teaching “intuitive, elemental and sacred geometric dance.”

Bock, Lukowiak and Lissantheia will be available for introduction, along with their books, on the morning of February 21 at Vroman’s from noon to 4 p.m. Find details here.

Vroman’s Bookstore, 695 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 91101. Phone: 1.626.449.5320.







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